1Cocktail menus from long lost cocktail bars

Hav­ing recently set up my own cock­tail bar I was very keen to see if I could find the cock­tail menus from some of my favour­ite cock­tail bars. Sadly all of them have now closed and find­ing menus proved very tricky but I have now found 2…

The first cock­tail bar I was a big fan of was “The Boston Exchange” in the Headingley area of Leeds. I later learned the ‘exchange bar and grill’ pubs were a chain, but it seems the chain has since gone. A while back though I found the cock­tail menu on an obscure inter­net site some­where that I have since lost the link for. It is below

The second cock­tail bar I fre­quen­ted reg­u­larly was “Shar­keys” just off West Street in Shef­field. I believe this was also part of a mini-chain but again it has since been lost as far as I can tell (although there are oth­er places with sim­il­ar names around the world). I have recently able to find a web link for the menu, although it does­n’t lend itself to downloading

The final cock­tail bar of my cock­tail-lov­ing youth, and the best I’ve ever been to, was “The Ivory” in the Har­ris­ons build­ing in Shef­field. This closed over 10 years ago, and find­ing a cock­tail menu for iot pro­ced very tricky, but thanks to the Shef­field For­ums (which had a link to the ori­gin­al web­site) and The Inter­net His­tory Archive, I was able to find an archived copy of the web­site, which included a PDF of the menu!

Boston Exchange:


Ivory Cock­tail Bar Full Menu from 2007

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