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Travel Books

EU Map

Reading is one of the great joys of being on holiday, but since most of my articles are about travelling around Europe, I’d like to use this article to recommend some European travel books specifically.

European travel maps

EU Map

Through my various travels I have built up a good collection of travel maps for European cities, and routes through Europe.

Model rail gradients

Model railways, like the real thing, tend to be fairly flat.  If you want ot have more complex layouts with gradients you need to plan carefully in advance, and avoid the temptation to create an unrealistic (and undriveable!) incline.

Controlling pests on indoor plants

I grow tomatos, cucumbers, chillis, lemons and olives in a south facing conservatory.  Over the last 5 years I’ve suffered with a range of vermin attacking my plants, it seems to be a different type of pest each year after I’ve conquered the previous pest.  Below I cover a few successful ways I’ve found to… Read more »

Must See Europe

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There are lots of “must see” lists for Europe, but they all seem to follow one or another standard formula: either selling holiday links, or a blogger picking out their favourites in their own country.  Many of the longer lists target US readers and include lots of locations in the UK, which those of us… Read more »

Travelling Europe

EU Map

I have already written twice about planing a driving trip around Europe, but since those articles I have also done a non-driving European travelling holiday, and am currently planning another trip. This post is intended as a comprehensive starting point for planning any trip around Europe.

00-gauge SeTrack layout for a triple loop in 12ft x 8ft

Below is a layout which fits a triple loop design into a typical shed of 12ft x 8ft. This gives a good length of run between each station and still leaves plenty of space to reach the entire layout and add some scenery. Maximum gradient is 2%.

Track geometries for 00-Gauge Hornby SeTrack

I have recently returned to model railwaying after a hiatus of over a decade. Since I last modelled, things have changed considerably, with the wide availability of modelling software which allows layouts to be carefully designed in advance – ensuring the design will fit in the space, and that the required track is available.

Practical Jokes

After a recent conversation I was reminded of the numerous practical jokes I have carried out over the years. A quick scan around the Internet doesn’t actually reveal a particularly good selection of cheap harmless pranks to play on friends so I thought I’d share some of my favourites