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Helping the Environment

I’ve been mean­ing to start writ­ing some “polit­ic­al” art­icles for a while, and thought I’d start by shar­ing some ideas for little changes you can make that are good for your envir­on­ment and often good for your health and your wal­let too. Where I live in Eng­land we only have 2 real choices for gov­ern­ment:… Read more »

Collection of model railway designs

In the last few months I’ve made a col­lec­tion of mod­el rail­way designs as pos­sib­il­it­ies for a new lay­out.  Whilst I wont end up build­ing most of them I thought I’d share them here in the hope they might inspire oth­er people.

Travel Books

EU Map

Read­ing is one of the great joys of being on hol­i­day, but since most of my art­icles are about trav­el­ling around Europe, I’d like to use this art­icle to recom­mend some European travel books spe­cific­ally.

European travel maps

EU Map

Through my vari­ous travels I have built up a good col­lec­tion of travel maps for European cit­ies, and routes through Europe.

Model rail gradients

Mod­el rail­ways, like the real thing, tend to be fairly flat.  If you want ot have more com­plex lay­outs with gradi­ents you need to plan care­fully in advance, and avoid the tempta­tion to cre­ate an unreal­ist­ic (and undrive­able!) incline.

Controlling pests on indoor plants

I grow toma­tos, cucum­bers, chil­lis, lem­ons and olives in a south facing con­ser­vat­ory.  Over the last 5 years I’ve suffered with a range of ver­min attack­ing my plants, it seems to be a dif­fer­ent type of pest each year after I’ve conquered the pre­vi­ous pest.  Below I cov­er a few suc­cess­ful ways I’ve found to… Read more »

Must See Europe

EU Map

There are lots of “must see” lists for Europe, but they all seem to fol­low one or anoth­er stand­ard for­mula: either selling hol­i­day links, or a blog­ger pick­ing out their favour­ites in their own coun­try.  Many of the longer lists tar­get US read­ers and include lots of loc­a­tions in the UK, which those of us… Read more »

Travelling Europe

EU Map

I have already writ­ten twice about plan­ing a driv­ing trip around Europe, but since those art­icles I have also done a non-driv­ing European trav­el­ling hol­i­day, and am cur­rently plan­ning anoth­er trip. This post is inten­ded as a com­pre­hens­ive start­ing point for plan­ning any trip around Europe.