0Planning a European driving holiday

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I recently wrote about our European driv­ing hol­i­day and a couple of people have since asked me for some more detailed inform­a­tion about the plan­ning pro­cess. Unless people want to do exactly the same trip, many of the details will be dif­fer­ent, but the key things to check remain the same. Here I’ll detail how I planned our hol­i­day and what tools and sites I used, along with spe­cific examples from our trip (more…)

Ford GT on the Autobahn

0Euro RoadTrip 2013

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Every sum­mer I go on Hol­i­day to the beau­ti­ful Greek island of Crete.  I’m yet to go alone and this year as well as my part­ner I was joined by 2 mates, both of whom have been before.  How­ever, this year, we decided to do things a little dif­fer­ently — rather than fly over most of Europe we decided to drive and see some of Europe on the jour­neys.  We had a great time and the total cost was about the same as fly­ing and rent­ing a car, so we’ll def­in­itely be doing it again. (more…)

Bottom of Sarakina Gorge

0Sarakina Gorge in South East Crete

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Just before we set off on our travels this year, I noticed a photo on face­book, pos­ted by a “page” I fol­low called Vis­it­I­era­petra. It was a photo of a beau­ti­ful look­ing fresh-water gorge, appar­ently very near to Iera­petra in South-East Crete. Hav­ing vis­ited Iera­petra over 20 times and hav­ing friends who live there, I thought I’d prob­ably seen all of the local high­lights, but I’d never heard of this gorge. A bit of research on google indic­ated that the gorge wasn’t par­tic­u­larly well known, at least to Eng­lish speak­ers. I gathered together what inform­a­tion I could and made a vow to find the place. (more…)

0A response to Dr Ridley’s Angus Millar lecture

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Below fol­lows a response to argu­ments made against Anthro­po­genic Cli­mate Change in a an Angur Mil­lar lec­ture given by Dr Rid­ley.  This was ori­gin­ally sent to me by a friend who is a cli­mate change skeptic.

For the ori­ginal place I saw this art­icle please see: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/11/01/thank-you-matt-ridley/#more-50468



0Funny synopsis of Warren G’s “Regulate”

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I saw this on Wiki­pe­dia a while ago, it might even have been a couple of years ago, thanks to a friend’s link on face­book.  It has since dis­ap­peared from wiki­pe­dia, which is a shame, as it is a work of genius.  I’ve repro­duced it here because of how much it made me chuckle.  I’m afraid I have no idea who the ori­ginal author was, but if you think you know, or are the author, please get in touch for credit.

Info on the track Reg­u­late and the artists War­ren G and Nate Dogg is avail­able on wiki­pe­dia.



0Another Réal Ale Trail — Wherry Lines Ale Track

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There are quite a few Rail Ale Trails now avail­able in the UK, includ­ing the South Pen­nines one I recently wrote about.  I recently had to organ­ise a stag do for a mate, and after look­ing into sev­eral options I con­cluded the best option would be an Ale Trail in another part of the coun­try.  The route I worked out has since become another estab­lished Ale Trail called the Wherry Lines Ale Track