0EU MapPlanning a European driving holiday

I recently wrote about our European driving holiday and a couple of people have since asked me for some more detailed information about the planning process. Unless people want to do exactly the same trip, many of the details will be different, but the key things to check remain the same. Here I’ll detail how I planned our holiday and what tools and sites I used, along with specific examples from our trip
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0Ford GT on the AutobahnEuro RoadTrip 2013

Every summer I go on Holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Crete.  I’m yet to go alone and this year as well as my partner I was joined by 2 mates, both of whom have been before.  However, this year, we decided to do things a little differently – rather than fly over most of Europe we decided to drive and see some of Europe on the journeys.  We had a great time and the total cost was about the same as flying and renting a car, so we’ll definitely be doing it again…. Read Full Article

1Bottom of Sarakina GorgeSarakina Gorge in South East Crete

Just before we set off on our travels this year, I noticed a photo on facebook, posted by a “page” I follow called VisitIerapetra. It was a photo of a beautiful looking fresh-water gorge, apparently very near to Ierapetra in South-East Crete. Having visited Ierapetra over 20 times and having friends who live there, I thought I’d probably seen all of the local highlights, but I’d never heard of this gorge. A bit of research on google indicated that the gorge wasn’t particularly well known, at least to English speakers. I gathered together what information I could and made a vow to find the place…. Read Full Article

0Funny synopsis of Warren G’s “Regulate”

I saw this on Wikipedia a while ago, it might even have been a couple of years ago, thanks to a friend’s link on facebook.  It has since disappeared from wikipedia, which is a shame, as it is a work of genius.  I’ve reproduced it here because of how much it made me chuckle.  I’m afraid I have no idea who the original author was, but if you think you know, or are the author, please get in touch for credit.

Info on the track Regulate and the artists Warren G and Nate Dogg is available on wikipedia.

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0Another Réal Ale Trail – Wherry Lines Ale Track

There are quite a few Rail Ale Trails now available in the UK, including the South Pennines one I recently wrote about.  I recently had to organise a stag do for a mate, and after looking into several options I concluded the best option would be an Ale Trail in another part of the country.  The route I worked out has since become another established Ale Trail called the Wherry Lines Ale Track
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0South Pennines Réal Ale Trail

Recently a group of friends and I went on the South Pennines Real Ale Trail. This is the same Ale Trail that featured on Oz and James Drink to Britain. Before going into detail, a quick summary – we all had an excellent day, and enjoyed a good few ales.
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