0Silly alcoholic drinks that actually worked

In a recent zoom call the con­ver­sa­tion turned to drinks we used to have around the turn of the mil­len­ni­um. Some of these sound pretty bad but really were much bet­ter than expected…

Alco­pop pint — 1 reg­u­lar smirnoff ice + 1 “reef” (orange and pas­sion­fruit) mixed togeth­er in a pint glass. Just pour the 2 bottles (both 275ml) into a pint glass — it will pretty much fill the glass. Neither alco­pop is very nice on their own, but the sharp chem­icaly-ness of the smirnoff some­how can­cels out the sickly sweet­ness of the reef. Back in the day these cost £1 a bottle in Weth­er­spoons, so you got an easy drink­ing sweet 5% pint for £2

Guin­ness + double Tia Maria. This cer­tainly isn’t the cheapest option but it does­n’t taste any­thing like you’d expect — it tastes fairly like a McDon­alds chocol­ate milk­shake, which is sur­pris­ing for basic­ally mix­ing guin­ness with cof­fee! It also doubles the strength of your pint so it becomes an easy-to-drink pint of stout at over 8%

More to follow…

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