1ملخص مضحك وارن G في "تنظيم"

I saw this on Wiki­pe­dia a while ago, ربما كان حتى بضع سنوات مضت, thanks to a friend’s link on face­book. It has since dis­ap­peared from wiki­pe­dia, وهو عار, as it is a work of geni­us. I’ve repro­duced it here because of how much it made me chuckle. I’m afraid I have no idea who the ori­gin­al author was, ولكن إذا كنت تعتقد أنك تعرف, أم أن المؤلف, please get in touch for cred­it.

معلومات على المسار Reg­u­late والفنانين War­ren G و نيت دوج is avail­able on wiki­pe­dia.

Reg­u­late — Syn­op­sis

على بارد, ليلة صافية (typ­ic­al to South­ern Cali­for­nia) War­ren G travels through his neigh­bour­hood, search­ing for women with whom he might ini­ti­ate sexu­al inter­course. He has chosen to engage in this pur­suit alone.

نيت دوج, hav­ing just arrived in Long Beach, seeks War­ren. On his way to find War­ren, نيت يمر سيارة الكاملة للمرأة الذي نحن متحمسون لرؤيته. Regard­less, he insists to the women that there is no cause for excite­ment.

War­ren makes a left turn at 21ش Street and Lewis Ave, where he sees a group of young men enjoy­ing a game of dice togeth­er. انه الحدائق سيارته ويحيي لهم. انه هو متحمس للعثور على أشخاص للعب مع, but to his chag­rin, he dis­cov­ers they intend to relieve him of his mater­i­al pos­ses­sions. Once the hope­ful rob­bers reveal their fire­arms, War­ren real­izes he is in a less than favour­able pre­dic­a­ment.

Mean­while, نيت يمر النساء, as they are low on his list of pri­or­it­ies. His primary con­cern is loc­at­ing War­ren. After curtly cast­ing away the strum­pets (whose interest in Nate was such that they crashed their auto­mobile), he serendip­it­ously stumbles upon his friend, War­ren G, being held up by the young miscre­ants.

War­ren, unaware that Nate is sur­repti­tiously observing the scene unfold, is in dis­be­lief that he’s being robbed. The per­pet­rat­ors have taken jew­ellery and a name brand design­er watch from War­ren, who is so incred­u­lous that he asks what else the rob­bers intend to steal. This is most likely a rhet­or­ic­al ques­tion.

Observing these unfor­tu­nate pro­ceed­ings, Nate real­izes that he may have to use his fire­arm to deliv­er his friend from harm.

The ten­sion cres­cendos as the rob­bers point their guns to Warren’s head. War­ren senses the grav­ity of his situ­ation. He can­not believe the events unfold­ing could hap­pen in his own neigh­bour­hood. As he ima­gines him­self in a fant­ast­ic­al escape, أدرك لمحة عن صديقه, نيت.

Nate has sev­en­teen cart­ridges to expend (six­teen resid­ing in the pistol’s magazine, with a sol­it­ary round placed in the cham­ber and ready to be fired) on the group of rob­bers, ويستخدم كثير منهم. After­wards, he gen­er­ously shares the cred­it for neut­ral­ising the situ­ation with War­ren, though it is clear that Nate did all of the dif­fi­cult work. Put­ting con­grat­u­la­tions aside, Nate quickly reminds him­self that he has com­mit­ted mul­tiple hom­icides to save War­ren before let­ting his friend know that there are females nearby if he wishes to for­nic­ate with them.

War­ren recalls that it was the prom­ise of cop­u­la­tion that coaxed him away from his pre­vi­ous activ­it­ies, and is thank­ful that Nate knows a way to sat­is­fy these urges.

Nate quickly finds the women who earli­er crashed their car on Nate’s account. He remarks to one that he is fond of her phys­ic­al appeal. المرأة, impressed by Nate’s singing abil­ity, asks that he and War­ren allow her and her friends to share trans­port­a­tion. هكذا, both friends are driv­ing with auto­mo­biles full of women to the East Side Motel, pre­sum­ably to con­sum­mate their flir­ta­tion in an orgy.

The third verse is more expos­it­ory, with War­ren and Nate explain­ing their G Funk music­al style. Nate dis­plays his bravado by claim­ing that indi­vidu­als with equi­val­ent know­ledge could not even attempt to approach his level of lyr­ic­al mas­tery. ويلاحظ أيضا أنه إذا كان يدخن أي طرف ثالث كما يفعل, they would find them­selves in a state of intox­ic­a­tion daily (from Nate’s oth­er works, it can be inferred that the sub­stance ref­er­enced is marijuana). Nate con­cludes his delin­eation of the night by issu­ing a vague threat to “busters,” sug­gest­ing that he and War­ren will fur­ther “reg­u­late” any poten­tial incid­ents in the future (pre­sum­ably by enga­ging their enemies with small arms fire).


Ori­gin­al Lyr­ics

[Intro — Sampled from البنادق الشباب]
we reg­u­late any steal­ing of his prop­erty
نحن في حالة جيدة جدا لعنة
But you can­’t be any geek off the street,
فلدي تكون في متناول اليد مع الصلب إذا كنت تعرف ما أعنيه, كسب إبقاء الخاص بك!

[War­ren G]
المنظمين!!! يتصاعد!

[War­ren G]
كانت ليلة سوداء واضحة, واضح القمر الأبيض
War­ren G was on the streets, try­ing to con­sume
بعض التنانير ليلة, حتى أتمكن من الحصول على بعض الفانك
jus’ rol­lin in my ride, chil­lin all alone

[نيت دوج]
Just hit the East­side of the LBC
on a mis­sion try­ing to find Mr. War­ren G.
رأيت سيارة كاملة من الفتيات ليست هناك حاجة إلى قرص
كل ما التنانير تعرف ما الأمر مع 213

[War­ren G]
لذلك أنا السنانير يسار على 2 1 ولويس
some brothas shoot­in dice so I said “Let’s do this”
قفزت من ركوب, and said “What’s up?"
some brothas pulled some gats so I said “I’m stuck.”

[نيت دوج]
Since these girls peep­in me I’m a glide and swerve
these hook­ers look­in so hard they straight hit the curb
Won’tcha think of bet­ter things than some horny tricks
I see my homey and some suck­ers all in his mix

[War­ren G]
I’m get­tin jacked, أنا محطم نفسي
I can­’t believe they tak­ing War­ren’s wealth
أخذوا حلقات بلدي, فاعتبروا يا رولكس
I looked at the brotha said “Damn, ماذا بعد?"

[نيت دوج]
لأنهم وصلوا لي الزميل تطوقه وحتى انهم في كل مكان
ain’t none of them see­ing if they going straight pound for pound
انهم يريدون الخروج حقيقية سريعة قبل أن تبدأ في مهرج
أنا أفضل سحب حزام بلدي ويضعونها منتهكي أسفل

[War­ren G]
لأنهم وصلوا البنادق إلى رأسي
أعتقد أنني ذاهب إلى أسفل
I can­’t believe this hap­pen­in in my own town
إذا كان لي أجنحة وأود أن يطير
let me con­tem­plate
رميت في خفض وأرى الزميل نيت

[نيت دوج]
Six­teen in the clip and one in the hole
Nate Dogg is about to make some bod­ies turn cold
now they drop­pin and yel­lin
انها متأخرة قليلا صبي
Nate Dogg and War­ren G had to reg­u­late

[نيت دوج]
أنا وضعت كل منهم منتهكي أسفل
اسمحوا لي جات تنفجر
now I’m switch­ing my mind back into freak mode
إذا كنت تريد التنانير الجلوس وتقيدا
أود فقط أن ترك عصابة من هؤلاء هناك على الرصيف

[War­ren G]
الآن حصلت نيت النزوات
وهذا واقع معروف
قبل أن حصلت على رفعوا كنت على نفس المسار
نسخ احتياطية تصل السبب انها على
N A T E ولي
the War­ren to the G

[نيت دوج]
مثلما اعتقدت
كانوا في نفس المكان
in need of some des­per­ate help
the Nate Dogg and the G‑child
were in need of some­thing else
وكان واحد منهم السيدات مثير كما الجحيم
I said “ooo I like your size.”
she said “my car’s broke down and you seem real nice,
سوف يا اسمحوا لي أن تركب?"
حصلت على سيارة مليئة الفتيات وانها سوف تضخم حقيقي
the next stop is the East­side Motel

[War­ren G]
I’m tweak­ing
إلى عهد جديد كليا
خطوة إلى هذا
انا اتحداكم يا
على مستوى جديد كليا

[نيت دوج]
الإيقاع هو لباس وباس هو ثلاثة أضعاف

[War­ren G]
نحن يجلب
حيث الإيقاع هو الحياة
والحياة هي إيقاع

[نيت دوج]
إذا كنت تعرف مثل أعرف
كنت لا أريد أن خطوة إلى هذا
It’s the G‑Funk era
funked out with a gang­sta twist
إذا كنت تدخن مثل أنا أدخن
then you high like every­day
وإذا مؤخرتك هو المغفل
213 will reg­u­late

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