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What is Jon’s Blog?

Jon’s Blog is my per­son­al web­site for things that don’t fit well on my oth­er sites. It mostly con­tains travel inform­a­tion and mod­el rail­way designs.

Who are the people?

The site was designed and cre­ated by Jon Scaife. If you are inter­ested in con­trib­ut­ing or guest pub­lish­ing please get in touch (see below)

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We wel­come guest posts — pleaseget in touch and let us know what you have in mind.

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Com­ments are open to every­one, no login is required. Some com­ments, includ­ing those con­tain­ing links, may be held for mod­er­a­tion, please do not resub­mit them. You can get your com­ment auto­mat­ic­ally approved by veri­fy­ing your e‑mail address. Com­ments are sub­ject to mod­er­a­tion or remov­al by admin­is­trat­ors at any time. Whilst we are not very com­fort­able with the idea of any cen­sor­ship this é a fam­ily friendly site — please keep com­ments free from any sexu­al ref­er­ences, viol­ence & harm related mater­i­al, drug & gambling ref­er­ences, incite­ment or dis­crim­in­a­tion, offens­ive lan­guage or any­thing else which may not be appro­pri­ate for chil­dren. Please note that we use some auto­mated cen­sor­ing of some well known offens­ive words and phrases. If you see any that have some­how made their way onto the site, or if you see some­thing incor­rectly cen­sored please let us know. Thanks.

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This site is sup­por­ted fin­an­cially by google adsense, amazon affil­i­ates e viglink affil­i­ate advert­ising. Adsense adverts are in shown on each page and in the side­bar. Amazon and viglink links are shown in green text. We selec­ted these advert­ising plat­forms are they provide rel­ev­ant ads and because we believe they are rel­at­ively unob­trus­ive. Amazon links are also used to provide fur­ther inform­a­tion and reviews of products. Please dis­able your adb­lock­er on our site — to read more about why please read Why Ad Block­ing is dev­ast­at­ing to the sites you loveIf you use an adb­lock­er you will be nagged about it!

If you would like to help sup­port our con­tin­ued exist­ence please use the payp­al donate option below. Dona­tions will be used first and fore­most to pay our VPS, DNS, CDN and domain names. Any­thing above and bey­ond this will be used to source products to review or for a beer for the writersThank you for your support.


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2 Comentários

IFIan Furness

Olá john, Quando isso acabar, vou criar um modelo em escala de Sheffield Victoria para meu 18 mariposa neto. Podemos discutir? Ian S12

JSJon Scaife

Oi Ian

Com certeza. Pergunte o que quiser. Please note that the e‑mail address you used for your com­ment seemed to bounce though so please check it is correct