200-оценить SeTrack макет для тройной петли в 12ft х 8ft

Ниже приведена схема, которая вписывается в дизайне тройной петли в типичный зев 12ft х 8ft. Это дает хорошую длину пробега между каждой станцией и по-прежнему оставляет много места, чтобы достичь всего макета и добавить некоторые декорации.

The Max­im­um gradi­ent is 2%.12ftx8ft-тройной петли

Down­load for Any­Rail 6

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GravatarJim Shefffield

Джон, I came across your web­site recently and was intrigued by your mod­el rail­way designs. So much so I have pur­chased any­rail. In the New Year we are mov­ing to a new house which I agreed to as long as I had some­where for my OO gauge track. As we are down siz­ing there is no room in the inn as they say for my lay­out. Any­way my cur­rent lay­out was scratch built without any plans to fit half my gar­age. It will have to be rebuilt in its entirety. My plan is to have a large work­shop built in the garden so i was research­ing dif­fer­ent lay­outs to encom­pass many points and a turntable. There are four ovals and an inner track using Hornby 1улица радиус. I also use Horn­by’s Rail­Mas­ter to con­trol my lay­out and have had 6 engines run­ning at once. To come to the point I am really impressed with your lay­outs and to more of an insight in the dif­fer­ent levels of track I wondered if you could provide a 3D view of them. Also would I have your per­mis­sion to rep­lic­ate (prob­ably with a bit of tinker­ing) one of your lay­out designs.

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Jim Shef­field

GravatarДжон Скайф

Hi Jim

Of course you’re wel­come to rep­lic­ate the lay­outs — they’re there to inspire and to be used. I’m not sure a “track design” could be copy­righted even if I was that way inclined. As it is, everything here is under “Cre­at­ive Com­mons” so you can pretty much do what you like with it (oth­er than claim it as your own and try to make money from it). I’d be really pleased to see the res­ults of whatever you build.

Most of the lay­outs I’ve put online don’t have any over­lap­ping sec­tions so could be built flat or with gradi­ents as desired but this loop obvi­ously does need gradi­ents. Your best bet for a full view is to down­load the any­rail file and use the 3D view­er in any­rail to get the angle of view you want. I believe any­rail can also export to some oth­er formats which might be use­ful too?