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0Local Wildlife

I’ve recently taken an interest in the loc­al wild­life pop­u­la­tion as news of spe­cies decline is always in the news and we have done lots loc­ally to try to help the wild­life thrive. I could­n’t think of a good reas­on not to share the pic­tures some­where so here they are

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0Helping the Environment

I’ve been mean­ing to start writ­ing some “polit­ic­al” art­icles for a while, and thought I’d start by shar­ing some ideas for little changes you can make that are good for your envir­on­ment and often good for your health and your wal­let too. Where I live in Eng­land we only have 2 real choices for gov­ern­ment: a party that believes in indi­vidu­al liberty and cap­it­al­ism in an almost totally unres­tric­ted sense, which leads inev­it­ably to sig­ni­fic­ant wealth dis­par­ity; and a party that believes to vary­ing degrees in some policies to redis­trib­ute wealth and a fairer soci­ety but also seems to find itself want­ing to over-reach and inter­fere in areas of peoples lives that gov­ern­ment need not and should not meddle in. Some­times it is genu­inely dif­fi­cult to find a bal­ance, but very often both parties miss easy wins. My sug­ges­tions are for those kinds of “easy wins” and whilst not all of them are suit­able for every­one, I hope every­one can find some­thing useful
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